Transitions into the New Year

It’s been a long time (again) but it’s given me time to: 1) Get back into the game and 2) figure out the course of the posts going forward. When I started this blog, there weren’t a lot of guides to be found. Of course, that has changed. There’s a lot of posts which cover the raids and quests that can be found in the present and new versions. I may not repeat the same information unless there’s something lacking or I’ll keep to my own style of stating each quest and what rewards are obtained from each.


I know that we’re all stocking up for the migration to the new T3 servers, right? (I know I am! I’m not sure about everyone else.) The initial posts will be covering the new changes, like the costumes, mini quests and maybe showing the new UPCs once obtained. While I have a sister site, it’s more focused towards my family and any progress on that front.

Since I do see activity hitting this blog, I may as well ask: What things do YOU want to see once we move to our new digs? If there’s enough interest, I might just take a day or two for explorations!


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