Transitions into the New Year

It’s been a long time (again) but it’s given me time to: 1) Get back into the game and 2) figure out the course of the posts going forward. When I started this blog, there weren’t a lot of guides to be found. Of course, that has changed. There’s a lot of posts which cover the raids and quests that can be found in the present and new versions. I may not repeat the same information unless there’s something lacking or I’ll keep to my own style of stating each quest and what rewards are obtained from each.


I know that we’re all stocking up for the migration to the new T3 servers, right? (I know I am! I’m not sure about everyone else.) The initial posts will be covering the new changes, like the costumes, mini quests and maybe showing the new UPCs once obtained. While I have a sister site, it’s more focused towards my family and any progress on that front.

Since I do see activity hitting this blog, I may as well ask: What things do YOU want to see once we move to our new digs? If there’s enough interest, I might just take a day or two for explorations!

Quest: Lionel UPC

Whew! It’s been a couple of years hasn’t it? In that time, I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from Sword and just returned more regularly a few months ago into a lot of changes. Including: 8.5.2! Yes, this brings along a new UPC with a promise of more in the upcoming updates.

While it seems to be an easy quest, I’ve seen that many people are wondering how to proceed to this point.

First: You absolutely must complete all of the Viron quests and everything beforehand. This includes getting Catherine Torche, the 5 Elemental Ottite and the Viron Clocktower quest.

If you want an overview of the Viron quests, this is a handy link:

Quest List to be completed first:

  • Red Sunset Forest
  • The Baron Dominion Family
  • The Devil and the Alchemist
  • Lionel and the Militia
  • Black and White
  • Viron Clocktower

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Upcoming Guides – 3.0 and Beyond

Unfortunately, with Errac being unavailable until the weekend, there’s very little that I can do with the current quest path. I’ve started two quests that can be started. Those will be updated all at one time once Errac is opened with screenshots! Now, if I can just focus on my mains towards Master, I’d be able to share more information. But I’ll do what I can. Namely fighter stances, musk and that lone stance scouts get on experting.

Also, I can consider updating the guides that I’ve made so far if there are some lacking detail. Or questions can be asked and I’ll clarify on request. ^_^


There are more involved guides out there devoted to skinning your Sword or GE client. This is more to point towards what is already provided with the client on download/installation.

You’ll want to navigate to the location where you installed the game, as noted below. This will look different if you’re running XP, Vista or even Windows 7.

The path that you should navigate to within your Sword folder.

The path that you should navigate to within your Sword folder.

You will see the following three files.

You will see the following three files.

The files should be named:  sk1.exe, sk2.exe and sk_black.exe

Double-clicking on any of these files will cause the installation to launch and you will see the next screen. Don’t be concerned if you can’t read it. On Vista, it looked like gibberish, but that’s because I lacked the Korean fonts. You’ll click the left button. It’s asking if you want to install/launch the file.

Self explanatory window, isn't it? (If I knew what they were saying.)

Self explanatory window, isn't it? (If I knew what they were saying.)

I run Winrar on my system, however you will see another window which will ask if you want to save over the current files within the folder. Choose yes. Or yes to all. In this case, it’s the button next to the ‘Y’.

Which button to click? The middle one on the top row is the 'Yes to All' option.

Which button to click? The middle one on the top row is the 'Yes to All' option.

After these steps, if you’re using Vista, there will be a prompt asking if you want to reinstall or you can choose the option for ‘The program installed correctly’. Choose that option. After that, launch Sword (or GE) and go to your config screen. You’ll want to make sure the following box is checked marked as noted in the next image.

See the box for user skins? That's what you want to have marked.

See the box for user skins? That's what you want to have marked.

At this point, save and launch the game. You’ll know if it’s successful by the difference in the window on the title screen. Furthermore, your character windows will look different. How different? I’ve included two shots below.

See? New style. The really nice one is for 3.0 though, but this is a difference. A welcomed one if you ask me!

See? New style.

Frilly? Maybe it's more 'elegant'.

Frilly? Maybe it's more 'elegant'.

2.9 Quests and UPCs

This is more of a notice that there will be more updates coming in the next few weeks regarding exactly which UPCs are available and how to find them. Most updates, if any, will be weekend based as I work Monday – Friday.  (If you leave comments, I can reply to those during the week! And I still can’t believe people read this blog after all this time. Now, I really do feel like I’ve neglected readers.)

Quests are likely to be found in due time. I will focus on UPCs such as Claire and the path to Selva. Not to mention, opinions of the Culverts, Ogre and Werewolf series and the Cinderella series – weapons. We know that they last 12 hours, but some may not know what they look like.

I’ve already ventured into some of the new areas released on the grid. With the rumors of 3.0, that doesn’t give me too much time to scan over everything. I’ll be too busy getting one of each basic as expert and maybe a UPC or two in there as well.

….Having a veteran Emilia will be very, very important going forward.

3.0 Stances

I think that the bulk of my updates will have to come in those times where the sGE is running and I have time to investigate thusly. This also doesn’t bode well for my credit card, should I decide to take part in their Bazzar. On the other hand, going from 1-100 again doesn’t find itself very appealing. That being said, my recent log into the game proved quite informative. While I don’t know if anyone has made screenshots of these stances into English, I have two for commentary this week.


Arnis Stance and Skill Information.


Equites Stance and Skill Information.

On the right, is Equites. As we all know, this stance is for fighters. On the left, Arnis. This is scout specific as far as basic characters go. As to which UPCs will gain this skill, I have not gotten that far into the game on sGE. The exp gain is quite different than SotNW. Those 100% exp books are handy. So are the events, which I may fully look into.

If anyone plays on the non PK server, let me know and maybe during the next event I’ll team up with you. (Around RL.)